On Twitter Break

I’ve temporarily deactivated my Twitter account and feel all the better for it. Anyone who has used it long enough knows the addictive loop it can snare you in. In an attempt to wean myself off it, I removed the app from my phone sometime ago and only checked in from my computer few times a day. Even taking it down that one notch helped greatly, leaving me with more time on my hands and less anxiety, and convinced me taking a longer break, one minus the lure of occasionally popping in, would be a balm for my mental health.

Twitter-Phone-Photo copy

When you sit down with a newspaper or switch on a news channel, you’re in a headspace to digest, or try to, the unpleasant and often depressing reports you take in, with perhaps only a glimmer of something uplifting buried between. Social media, by its very nature, tends to spring news on you without any forewarning. Being informed obviously isn’t a bad thing per se, quite the opposite, especially in times when sharp, authentic reporting is becoming a rarity, but you could be scrolling through, stopping to have an exchange with someone, viewing artwork, and the next thing you know, you encounter something perfectly nightmarish, and it throws you off for the rest of the day or ruins a night’s sleep. Being constantly exposed to it doesn’t give you the opportunity to squeeze out what you’ve soaked in, leaving you feeling like a loaded sponge.

There are those who successfully strike a balance, but I’m relatively new to social media and am still finding my footing. I’ve come across some amazing and talented people on Twitter and in being away from it, I’ll feel their absence, but taking a break from the onslaught of stress would be a welcome change.

The things I’ll miss most, though, are all the doggos and cats of Twitter.


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