Down with the Fallen

Published by Franklin/Kerr Press

“The Pack”



I contented myself with just looking in from the window. If I were alone, I would’ve ventured in. But I knew what my companion would make of it. I didn’t want him spreading any more rumors about me. He already found me absurd to begin with and made no pretense to hide it, eyeing me like I dropped a handful of dirt in my mouth if I studied a peculiarly shaped leaf, turning it over; I liked to draw them.

I looked over my shoulder at him. He sat motionless, staring out through the gap in the fence, his fingers absently tying and undoing knots in the lasso on his lap. The seat he was in was probably attached to a vehicle at some point. I don’t know where he got it from, but I found him lounged in it after I completed the sweep to confirm the house was empty. He tipped it back, rocking himself by pushing his heel against the carcass at his feet.







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On Inspiration behind “The Pack” in Gregory L. Norris’s blog post

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Sunday, October 29, 2017


On Christmas Eve in 2009, I shot awake in the darkness of our old house struggling to breathe. I’d just experienced one of the most terrifying and memorable nightmares of my life. In it…

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Release Details

September 21, 2017

Franklin/Kerr Press to Publish Down with the Fallen: A Post-Apocalyptic Horror Anthology

CONCORD, N.C. (Sept 21, 2017) – Franklin/Kerr Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its first anthology, Down with The Fallen: A Post-Apocalyptic Horror Anthology, on November 7, 2017 on both Kindle and in paperback formats.

Down with the Fallen features the work of sixteen authors from across the globe with stories of horror based in post-apocalyptic and dystopian visions of our world. The anthology covers everything from aliens to gods, superheroes to zombies, oppressive regimes to no authority at all. Each story considers a horrifying version of what our world can be over the edge of cataclysmic change.

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