Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells Volume 2

Published by Belanger Books

“The Clash of the Miracle Men”



I set down the following with no intention of publication. However, should this manuscript find itself out in the world some years hence, it is only right that I forthwith curb any budding excitement the reader might feel. Unfortunately, this is not another chronicle of the numerous cases I’ve had the honour of assisting my dear friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, in. In sharing with the public our exploits, not only have I derived a good degree of pleasure, and a small measure of fame, but also the very act of putting pen to paper has always served as a balm, a testament of having survived and emerged unscathed from our adventures to resume our chairs here at 221 B. It is this feeling of aftermath that I seek in relating a most perplexing dream, the sort which has a quality of a suppressed memory, that has plagued me.







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Interview with Belanger Books

October 22, 2017.

H.G. Wells is most known for his novels such as The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds, but he was a prolific writer of wonderful short stories.  For his contribution to Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells, author Rohit Sawant chose one of those stories by having Sherlock Holmes face the Man Who Could Work Miracles!

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